Since its creation, design has been at the heart of VMS.
Our imagination leads us to advanced and daring design methods and solutions.

VMS is one of the few companies in Serbia which deals with all types of structures:

  • Steel, composed, RC and pre-stressed bridges in various systems for all kinds of traffic and other purposes
  • Hangars, industrial halls, storage buildings, crane runways
  • Supporting structures for lighting in TV studios, film studios and in theatres or multimedia halls
  • Antenna towers and masts, telecommunication passive reflectors
  • Storage structures (water tanks, silos for powder / granular materials, etc.)
  • Structures in thermal power plants (boiler supporting towers, boiler houses, cooling towers, chimneys, transport bridges, etc.)
  • Special construction methods (heavy lifting, very high lifting, welding repairs in heavy conditions, assembly/erection of the different types of structures and equipment)
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Foundations of all kinds of structures
  • Retaining walls, stability of slopes
  • Airports – runways, taxiways, parking areas
  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Gas stations
  • Airport facility buildings
  • Industrial buildings
  • Interior design
  • Structure for wind generators
  • Remedial works and recostruction

All of these activities are Computer Assisted. The use of the most advanced software and hardware in computing, technical drawing and scheduling optimizes the engineering effort.